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What inspires you?

Being an artist can be a secluding venture. You are working alone and always in your own head. Art is everywhere. Being inspired by my fellow artists drives me to create more and I am inspired by thoughts that I may not have. I will slowly be adding to this page. Here are a few links to show what inspires me.

Reassurance by Caleb Troy, Bold Beautiful Colors that draw you into this imagery

Blue Moon by Arell Art, Moon Phases. Because its matter, we are matter, the moon rules us.

eclosion by Sylvie Demers, beautiful spring flowers. This would fit anywhere to brighten up a small space.

Tiger Lily by Polite yet Peculiar, beautiful colors and portrayal of a story book character.

brymbll by Spires, I love the geometry in this piece. The colors are some that I would use. It reminds me that red can be beautiful and not harsh.

Lost in Blue by Micklyn, makes me think of henna art. The beautiful soothing background is topped by an intricate lace like design.

Double Horizon by Georgiana Paraschiv, beautiful watercolor style abstract.

Flower Girl II by Monkia Strigel, how cute is this ostrich flower girl! Im a sucker for lines, these are beautiful and strong with the pop of color.

rosarita by Sylvie Demers, this beautiful girl with her floral head! Feels like a perfect print for a gallery wall in a studio or even a womans room.

Feels Calm by DuckyB, I love these colors! I love the lines which are currently trending in art these days. It’s a simple but beautiful print.