About the Artist

Brandy has successfully completed the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute put on by Broward Cultural Division and ArtServe.

Artist’s Statement
The powerful voice behind my paintings is that of my spiritual side. All people are equal. We are here aspiring to love and be prosperous, so lets do this in harmony.

Creating art that provokes a positive and deepening emotion is important to not only my soul but the soul of the viewer. Im a firm believer that we must surround ourselves with art that is moving and thoughtful rather than dark and depressing. Where we are going as humans should be that of positivity and happiness rather than receding to the depths of negative humanity.


Brandy Lynn Magill was born in Syracuse, NY and raised in Chugiak, Alaska. She learned to paint at a very young age from her Grandmother, and excelled best in music and art classes. Inspired to discover a bigger city, she moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida at age 20 allowing her to explore various artistic outlets. She studied fashion and quickly turned to fine art painting. She studied at The Academy of Art online for a BFA in Painting.

Brandy currently resides in South Florida where her studio is located. She is a mother to her son born in 2014. The strength it takes to be a parent/mother pushes her to grow and develop as an artist and in her yoga practice. To create an environment where positivity thrives through color and creativity is very important in her daily life. You can see this application in her paintings and subjects.

Brandy is a firm believer that happiness and positivity can come from both Yoga and Art. The combination of spirituality and art is at the core of Brandy’s paintings.

Brandy Lynn

Brandy Lynn

6 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. You painting is fabulous! It’s not hard to see you got your artistic talent from both sides of the family. I believe you are Jani Lane’s daughter – without DNA proof. It’s pretty obvious. Good luck to you.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I know I am too, but it’s hard to do anything with out any money for a lawyer, and Im expecting a child soon, so I have to put my hunt for the proof on hold. I appreciate your kind words Kelly. Have a great day!!

  2. Yeah Is so true, everytime I see you, I see to jani, sometimes people are a little silly and prefer not believe something as clear as this
    but I am sure that jani would have accepted you and would be proud of you

  3. Let’s keep on this until we get the DNA results. I too believe you. Let’s prove it to your siblings once and for all.

  4. Hi Brandy. I know this sounds a bit meddling , but I think that more than one was left with the doubt. Have you been able to get a DNA test?? Obviously I think that you are a daughter of Jani. but I do not understand why some people do not accept it.

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