P.U.E.N.T.E Miami exhibition


Brandy Lynn Magill will be amongst several artists exhibiting during Miami’s famed “Basel Week”



With “P.U.E.N.T.E.,” Artist Belaxis Buil Bridges the Cuban-American Divide

Today their group show, “P.U.E.N.T.E (Porque Ustedes Entienden Nuestros Temas en Candela),” will open at 1052 Ocean Dr. and run through Sunday. It will feature the works of Nestor Arenas, Willie Avedano, Orestes De La Paz, Michael Gray, Stephanie Hibbard, Catalina Jaramillo, Brandy Lynn, Guido Mena, Natasha Perdomo, Rafael Ramos, and Cristina Victor.


Available print "Peace" Acrylic, Gold leaf, ink

Available print
Acrylic, Gold leaf, ink


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This is a symbol of unity, a symbol of strength, and a symbol of humanity.

The peace sign was designed by Gerald Holtom, a professional designer and artist and a graduate of the Royal College of Arts.

“I was in despair. Deep despair. I drew myself: the representative of an individual in despair, with hands palm outstretched outwards and downwards in the manner of Goya’s peasant before the firing squad. I formalized the drawing into a line and put a circle round it.”


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